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When people think of safety, they think of home protection systems, fire alarms, law enforcement and other physical modes of security. But how often do you think about the non-tangible security risks, such as your retirement? Many of us do not realize that without the guidance, advice and protection from a professional money manager, we are gambling with our future.

Confidence in your financial security comes from an educated, experienced and trustworthy team of professionals that have a true passion and desire to protect your assets. Our sole purpose at TAA & Associates, LLC is to ensure you are protected from the dangers of money mismanagement and misinformation. We are here to show you how, with the right partner, you will be safely supported throughout your retirement years.

During the past 40 years, we have been helping our clients sleep soundly at night knowing their retirement savings are being securely and responsibly managed.  These hard earned dollars are earning interest and providing them a “paycheck for life.” Your success is our success. Your security and piece of mind are our top priority.  Welcome to TAA & Associates.



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